IGN posted the new trailer for Moon, starring the kickass Sam Rockwell and directed by Duncan Jones, the son of David Bowie, who knows a thing or two about space travel, and has apparently bestowed his passion upon Ziggy Stardust Jr. 

The trailer explains all you need to know, but this looks like it has some definite ties to 2001 and especially the iconic HAL.  Only this time, HAL is sort of a talking emoticon. 

Check out the trailer after the jump, as well as another clip courtesy of io9.  Just don't jump too hard because of the whole gravity thing.  Somewhere... in space... a physics teacher is laughing... right... now.

Here's the clips with some possible spoilers included.

And here's a clip of Sam Rockwell before he went to the moon, back when he was a struggling actor and part time pizza delivery guy.