When I first saw the news that Eddie Griffin was in the running to play Ol' Dirty Bastard in the Wu Tang biopic, I thought that made sense. And though RZA says Griffin is the odds-on favorite, he now has some competition. Tracy Morgan is actively lobbying for the role. I honestly don't envy whoever has to make the final decision.

Let's weigh the facts.

  • Both are legitimately crazy. But Tracy Morgan is a more accessible crazy.

  • Eddie Griffin has the cracked out look down pat. Tracy Morgan has the fat gut down pat.

  • There's only one Dirt McGirt. Either actor will be distracting in the role.

  • Tracy Morgan won't make me want to huck a shoe at the screen.

I hadn't realized it before but Ol' Dirty Bastard is the perfect composite of what would happen if Eddie Griffin and Tracy Morgan were blended together, but sadly, Eddie is given the edge in facial resemblance. Maybe Tracy can play Raekwon or something. (via CinemaBlend)