There are no plans to make another Toy Story sequel, but that won't stop Woody and the gang from returning to the big screen. According to director Lee Unkrich, the iconic characters will be back in theaters for a series of animated shorts which will run before full-length Disney films, starting with this summer's Cars 2.
"We don't have any plans to make another Toy Story movie but we're doing a series of short films with the Toy Story characters. We just finished the first one and it's going to be on the front on Cars 2 when it opens next summer in theaters."

That sounds like the perfect way to strike a balance between giving fans more of what they want without cheapening the quality of the original films. Perhaps the same idea can be applied to the Brendan Fraser classic, Furry Vengeance. I'd hate to see it jump the shark, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want more computer-generated talking raccoons!  (The Telegraph via Movie Line)