In news even weirder than the original film, Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on for Steve Pink's Toxic Avenger remake. I honestly had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st when I read this news. But, nope, it appears to be true.

It's reported that Schwarzenegger will play The Exterminator, which is not exactly a complimentary title when applied to someone often mistaken for being German, a former black ops agent who trains the Toxic Avenger to fight polluters. Here are some confusing quotes from people who should know better:

"Moviegoers around the world were thrilled when Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to acting so effortlessly filling the gap that he left behind," said producer and International Film Trust co-founder Michael Benaroya in a statement.

"Our film is a perfect combination of commercial genre, star power and award winning filmmakers to set it apart from other titles on offer at Cannes this year," IFT president Ariel Veneziano added.

They do realize that Steve Pink made Hot Tub Time Machine, yes? I recall that film being passed over by the Academy. (Coming Soon)