Take your current copy of Top Gun to the nearest garbage dump because it will soon be out-of-date. Paramount is in the early stages of post-converting the classic to 3D so that all of the jets are all like, "WHOOOOOOOOSH," right past your head. The company behind the conversion, Legend3D, already has four minutes in the 3D can (only 106 to go), and screened them today at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam (where 3D is extra-appreciated).

Legend3D CEO Rob Hummel said, “As I understand it, they are planning to release [Top Gun] in 3D in early 2012, though I know they want to get Tony Scott’s approval before they go forward.” I hope that this doesn't move forward. A) Because we don't need 3D versions of everything. If you want to make a 3D film, do that from the outset. B) I can't handle losing Goose again. It was hard enough in 2D. (THR)