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Throughout the ages, enchanting babes with supernatural powers have come and gone, but a few exceptional ones have stuck out in our memory.  This list is a tribute to fifteen of Screen Junkies’ favorite magical, sexy ladies and the spells they put on us.

15. Cher
as Alexandra Medford in The Witches on Eastwick (1987)
Cher may be a hell of a singer, if not always the best actress, but in this 80’s magical movie she got to show off her hots, received a significantly larger role than she normally did in her films, and showed what a sexy magical babe she could be.  That’s her on the left of the Eastwick poster if you didn’t already know.


14.  Susan Sarandon
as Queen Narissa in Enchanted (2007)

Sarandon may be the MILFiest of the girls on this list.  She brought a cacklin glee to her role as the jealous magical queen Narissa and got to cheese it up and put to use some witchy bitchy talents she developed on the set of The Witches of Eastwick, too (check out the poster above if you missed it).



13.  Sarah Jessica Parker
as Sarah Sanderson in Hocus Pocus (1993)
Long before her days as a relationally challenged middle-aged woman on "Sex and the City," Parker played one of the three witches in Disney’s family-friendly Hocus Pocus. Parker’s role required her to be a ditz, but more importantly, to wear a low cut dress and have just the cutest little laugh.  Our ten-year old selves knew that low cut dress very, very well.



12.  Sandra Bullock
as Sally Owens in Practical Magic (1998)

Back when she was still America’s sweetheart, girl next door, Sandra Bullock tried her own hand at magic, as Sally Owens, a witch with a curse on her family that caused any who dared love them to die.   The role remains, to this day, Bullock’s only dabbling in the world of magic.


11.  Nicole Kidman
as Isabel in Bewitched (2005)

Years after she played opposite Bullock as her sister, Kidman tried to play a witch again, with disastrous results in the Bewitched remake.  Despite all that film’s flaws, we just can’t get over how damn cute that little nose twitch is.  Maybe she is a witch and just doesn’t want anyone to know it yet.  Kidman is certainly magical enough.


10.  Emma Watson
as Hermione in the Harry Potter series

There’s not much that’s hotter than a chick who’s smart AND could tell you every single possible use for unicorn hair (EVERY use), at least according to the wet dreams of fanboys all over the world, which probably doubled the day Watson turned 18, and with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince coming out this week and the last Harry Potter book set for two cinematic installments, that number will only grow, just like our wands.  Wands grow, right?


9.  Melissa Joan Hart
as Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003)

The show ran for seven seasons, plenty of time for Hart to demonstrate that she was one of the hottest TV magical babes this side of Buffy.  And plus, she was a teenager around the time we were, so it was okay to pretend that she was casting one of her oh-so-wacky spells on us.  Besides, it was a Disney channel show, so they practically forced us to use our imaginations.  (Damn you, Disney!)


8.  Neve Campbell
as Bonnie in The Craft (1996)

The movie’s plot was laughable, making it seem like being Wiccan involved developing all sorts of supernatural prowess, not the least of which was freaking out your friends by making them see snakes and bugs and creepy crawlies. It did offer a good excuse for a bunch of hot chicks walking around in schoolgirl’s outfits, and since one of them was Neve Campbell, the massive unbelievability really wasn’t all that much to ask for.


7.  Alyssa Milano
as Phoebe Halliwell in "Charmed" (1998-2006)

TV has been a bountiful well of hot magical babes, not least of which was Alyssa Milano as one of “The Charmed Ones” in this series.  The cast for this series included other hot stars like Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan.  The plot sometimes bordered on the ridiculous (okay, maybe a little more than sometimes), but more than likely it lasted so long because of the innate appeal of watching hot babes kill demonic and dangerous beings.  I mean, how is that NOT appealing?


6. Cate Blanchett
as Galadriel in The Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)

Choosing who to cast as the elf queen was tricky – and Peter Jackson chose perfectly with Blanchett.  There’s something divinely serene about her face and expression, a false serenity which covers some deep, dark, ominous secrets. Elves are supposed to be the most beautiful creatures in the world, and Blanchett fits the bill.


5.  Lucy Lawless
as Xena in "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995-2001)

Xena one ups other evil-fighting magical babes like Hermione and Phoebe by adding a freakin sword to her arsenal.  A chick who knows magic is one thing.  A chick who knows magic AND could slice off your head with a casual swish is scary, but sexy.  And to top it off, an episode of the series suggested that Ares, the God of War, might be Xena’s father.  Yeah, you do not wanna f*ck with her.


4.  Claire Danes
as Yvaine from Stardust (2007)

Danes simply looks magical, even if she’s just standing there, so she was bound to become a magical babe eventually, and as the fallen star Yvaine she really manages to shine. (Get it?!)  As Yvaine she had to look very powerful yet innocent and fragile, but she went one step beyond and added sexy to her arsenal.


3.  Liv Tyler
as Arwen in
The Lord of the Rings
There’s a reason The Lord of the Rings is the only movie (or series) that shows up again on this list, and Arwen is that reason.  Do we really need to explain why Tyler is one of the hottest magical babes around?  Her romance with the grunting, rock-for-a-face Viggo Mortensen was one of the main threads that ran throughout all three films, and since elves live forever you can bet Aragorn wasn’t the first ranger lookin’ to get into those Elven pants.  Who could blame him?


2. Michelle Pfeiffer
as Isabeau D’anjou in
Ladyhawke (1985)
Actually, I take back what I said earlier.  Pfeiffer is definitely MILFier than Sarandon, even though she was fairly young when she played the role of the woman cursed to be separated from her love by the inconvenient little fact that she was a hawk. Though she technically doesn’t have magical powers, and has merely fallen under a curse, she’s certainly still a magical babe, and Pfeiffer is one of the hottest actresses on the planet.  (Plus, she did play a witch in The Witches of Eastwick.)


1.  Sarah Michelle Gellar
as Buffy in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997-2003)

Could there really be any other magical babe at number one?  Joss Whedon created a timeless kickass character with Buffy – high school girl who was worried about just a couple more things than finding a date on Friday or passing next week’s test.  Nope, this girl killed demons and dispatched vampires to hellin her spare time, dodging death and actually biting it a couple of times.  If that’s not both magical AND sexy, I don’t know what is.

Who are your favorite magic babes from movies & TV?

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