Adria Petty, daughter of singer songwriter Tom Petty, is an up and coming filmmaker. She recently directed the documentary Paris, Not France, and is now set to direct Radar Pictures' upcoming thriller Suffocate, penned by Ben Olson. In addition to the doc, Petty has previously directed numerous music videos for artists like Beyonce and Regina Spektor, and directed commercials for Target, Converse, and McDonald's.

The synopsis of the film, which makes it sound a lot like an A&E reality show combined with the Saw series, is as follows:
"Suffocate is a thriller about a group of city workers who enter a hoarder's condemned brownstone and find it loaded with deadly traps, and an unrelenting killer. The group is forced to use their wits--and demolition tools--to stay alive."

Petty's got a clear visual style, as is evidenced by her many music videos, so perhaps she can make this a memorable narrative debut. No word yet as to whether her dad's hit "The Waiting" will be used in the soundtrack as the city workers are "waiting" to see whether they live or die. What? No good? "Freefalling?" That doesn't work either. OOH! "Don't Come Around Here No More?" Perfect. (Deadline)