Tom Hanks To Join ‘Garden Of Beasts’ Because He Loves WWII So Damn Much

Tuesday, November 29 by
This cartoon character just LOVES World War II stuff.  

The only thing that could pull him away from this project was if someone was making a movie about the moon!

Tom Hanks is in the process of signing on to Garden of Beasts, a book adaptation that tells the story of William Dodd, the U.S. ambassador to Germany who was at first naive to the changes taking place in the foreign land. Hanks would play the ambassador, who signed on in 1933. The story would also focus on his daughter, who also lived in Germany and carried on affairs with German and Soviet officials. No news on who will be playing her yet.

This project is just another in Hanks proud World War II lineage which includes Band of Brothers, The Pacific, and Saving Private Ryan. Hanks will producing this film under his Playtone banner because somewhere, maybe not here, but somewhere, there is a law that Tom Hanks gets right of first refusal in producing all WWII films and minseries.

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