Tom Hanks Can No Longer Change His Weight For Roles, Still Can Befriend Volleyballs If Script Calls For It

Friday, October 11 by
Well hello there, Mr. Hanks.  

Tom Hanks, who has always maintained a pretty awesome, healthy weight, will never be able to drop 80 or so pounds like he did in Castaway, nor will he be able to put on 70 pounds of muscle if when he gets called upon to replace Ben Affleck as Batman.

Hanks recently divulged that he has type 2 (adult onset) diabetes, and thus must not shock his internal system with either food binging or deprivation. Which is totally fine, because no one has ever really complained about Tom Hanks’ weight. It would be like complaining about his eyes. That is to say, groundless and crazy.

In fact, despite that Hanks said he was “genetically inclined” to get diabetes, he feels his weight yo-yoing for acting roles earlier in his career, with Castaway, and A League of Their Own, “may have had something to do” with his affliction.

We’ll always love you, Tom Hanks.

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