Tom Cruise is currently mulling two high profile roles that would take him in very different directions. Playlist reports that Cruise will probably sign on soon as the star of Rock of Ages, a film based on the jukebox musical that has the actors singing rock hits from the 80's and regularly breaking the fourth wall. Is the nation ready to be directly addressed by Tom Cruise? Would that be more or less scary than a Jurassic Park dinosaur jumping off the screen and eating a theatergoer?

The second film is probably less scary in that it doesn't have Cruise speaking TO the audience, but is still scary because it's a Guillermo Del Toro movie called Of the Mountains of Madness. His participation in that film is a little less certain, as he and James McAvoy are up for the same part, and it seems to be a matter of scheduling. The film is scheduled to shoot this summer, so expect a final decision on this one shortly.

Neither of these projects appear to be typical Tom Cruise features, which might be a deliberate move from the actor's camp to divorce himself from that big pile of crazy he dropped on the American public a few years back. While rock musicals and Del Toro films are hardly the benchmark for sanity, they would offer Cruise a soft landing spot from that couch he jumped on a few years back.