I can't tell if All You Need Is Kill is an awesomely bad title for a film, or an awesomely awesome title. It really doesn't matter, because either way, it's going to be made now that Tom Cruise has agreed to star in the project.

The film offers a soldier in battle, repeatedly living out the day of his death, and over time becoming, a better soldier. Doug Liman, who directed the first two Bournes (and Swingers!), will be directing the project. It's anticipated that filming will start in fall of next year.

Aside from his weird turn in next summer's Rock of Ages, it seems that Tom Cruise has been pursuing more action-oriented fare recently, filming One Shot where he will play serial badass Jack Reacher, and signing on for Joseph Kasinski's sci-fi film Oblivion.

That's why they call it "acting," I guess.