Tom Cruise Coming Back As ‘Jack Reacher’, The Cinematic Equivalent Of Lukewarm Tap Water

Tuesday, December 10 by
In the sequel, maybe he'll go shopping for a decent pair of jeans.  

Tom Cruise a man of limited stature, will be returning to the role of Jack Reacher, a role a little against type for Cruise, namely because Reacher is a tall, muscular man.

With that exposition gracefully put forth, on with the news…Jack Reacher, a film that made little impact in the United States, both critically and with its modest box office take, will be getting a sequel. The decision can be credited to lucrative foreign markets that tend to be a little less discriminating in their taste for star-driven films.

The film is thought to be titled Never Go Back, and will be based on Lee Child’s most recent Jack Reacher novel.

This entire article is essentially just pretense to post this clip of Paul F. Tompkins pretending to be Werner Herzog, talking about the first Jack Reacher film. It’s gold.

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