So if you wanted to see an updated volleyball scene where Iceman's dogtags dangle between his man-breasts: this is your Woodstock.

Tom Cruise, while doing publicity for Rock of Ages, was asked about a Top Gun sequel and replied, "It would be fun getting into those jets. I want to fly those jets!" in a way that you think you're imagining Tom Cruise saying it, but really you're imagining Ben Stiller doing an impression of Tom Cruise saying it.

Val Kilmer, in a different, non-Rock of Ages interview, placed a big ole' elephant in the room, then told everyone to ignore it as he claimed,"Sure, it would be fun. I'd have to get a haircut, but anything for the role!"

In that scenario, I imagine the interviewer beginning to choke, even though they weren't eating anything at the time. In converse fashion, Kilmer would produce a giant bucket of sauce-laden meatballs which he would casually eat, and then the interview would end.