Tom Cruise is re-teaming with his Oblivion director, Joseph Kosinsky, to address something very mod and awesome: autoracing in the 1960's. Namely, the rivalry between Ford and Ferrari. Cruise will play Ford patron saint Carroll Shelby, which I'm giggling about just thinking about him showing someone a big-block engine, then grabbing them by the collar and yelling, "I am NOT fucking around."

And now it appears that Brad Pitt may be his co-star, since he already has 1960's auto racer hair. It's not known who Brad Pitt will play in the film, so I would like to plant the seed that he reprise his role of Louis de Pointe du Lac, his character from the Cruise/Pitt film Interview with the Vampire.

Cruise's Carroll Shelby would recognize him, and say, "Louis, my dear friend," as he transformed into Lestat, taking Pointe du Lac's hand and kissing it. They would then race cars in an awesome scene reminiscent of Days of Thunder, then they would dangle from wires like in Mission: Impossible.