Everyone knows that the best films always come from video games. Casablanca, The Godfather, The Seventh Seal, and pretty much every other classic movie has its roots in a video game either for a console or a PC. Ha, I'm such a kidder. Anyway, the people at Paramount Pictures are "in the lead" with regards to obtaining the rights to make a movie about the acclaimed video game series Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

As some have already pointed out, the video game finding its big screen home at Paramount sort of makes sense, as they are the studio that's been churning out movies based on thriller novelist Tom Clancy's famous character Jack Ryan since 1990. Clancy has relatively little to do with Splinter Cell, though, his involvement really only amounting to lending his name and endorsement to the franchise.

The Splinter Cell games do have a similar espionage subject matter to the Jack Ryan novels and films, so it's possible that Paramount has a good movie on its hands. Splinter Cell certainly has the ingredients to make a somewhat "classier" movie than your average video game adaptation, so optimists have a reason to feel good about this one. (The Playlist)