Hollywood is abuzz for Todd Phillips and Joel Silver's newly-announced Project X. Even though they don't know much about it. Here's what we do know:

  • The title and high-concept plot are being kept secret.
  • It will be rated hard-R.
  • The budget is $12 million and will star a cast of college-aged complete unknowns.
  • Phillips will produce before directing The Hangover 2. Commercial director Nima Nourizadeh is at the helm
  • The movie is not a remake of Matthew Broderick's 1987 cigarette-addicted monkeys drama.

Why so secretive? Are they planning some kind of elaborate prank?? What is this project and why is the concept so high?? More importantly, what role will The Dan Band be shoe-horned into??????? I don't like secrets. I'll be holed up in my bunker until this mystery is solved. (Deadline)