[post-album postid="213424" item="1"]With School For Scoundrels a distant blip in his rearview, Todd Phillips is sitting on top of the world. It's very likely he'll soon be locked in for a third regrettable morning with the Wolf Pack thanks to The Hangover 2's worldwide gross of over $560 million, However, a new project is being groomed for him.

Phillips' production company has optioned the rights to a Rolling Stone article titled, Arms And The Dudes. It tells the true life story of two young men who were paid $300 million to traffic arms to allies in Afghanistan. Naturally, this lead to driving around coked up in Audis and being busted for fraud. There's no word yet whether Phillips will direct or not, but considering the plot involves getting wasted, explosions, and road tripping it's a foregone conclusion that he'll want to get involved. For a creepy cameo at the very least. (Variety)