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Todd Phillips Offers Up ‘Hangover 2′ Update

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Screen Junkies attended Spike TV‘s "Guy’s Choice" Awards last night and had the opportunity to shoot a few questions at director Todd Phillips on the red carpet. He was nice enough to not ignore us, even though we don’t have epic cleavage or piercing blue eyes (like Bradley Cooper. Ooooooh, Bradley). Here’s what Phillips had to say about The Hangover 2, specifically the release date, and his upcoming film Due Date, starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zack Galifianakis.

What up with The Hangover 2?

“We’re going to start shooting end of October and it comes out Memorial Day next year."


Is the script locked?

“No, those scripts never get locks. It won’t be locked ‘til it comes out. We have a script that we’re excited about. I just mean it’s not locked.”
Do they have to top the incident of the first one, or just go in a different direction?

“I think it’s not about topping. It’s about delivering a really funny movie with these super funny guys who people seem to love. So I feel like we’re ahead of the game in that.”
And how will the Hangover audiences like Due Date?

“Don’t let the title fool you. It is absolutely irreverent and balls to the walls comedy. It’s the opposite [of The Hangover]. It’s anti-chemistry. It’s two guys that don’t necessarily enjoy being around each other is what Due Date is."

So mark your calendars for The Hangover 2 next Memorial Day. You have one year to figure out how to sneak a burger, tub of potato salad, and a six-pack of beer in to a theater. Due Date releases this November.

Source: Fred Topel

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