Today In ‘Oh, F*ck Me': Cameron Adds Fourth Avatar

Monday, September 10 by
You'd think a director would do a better job of framing the shot.  

I liked the first Avatar. I thought that it did an admirable job of putting a thin plot on the back burner in order to take the audience on a cutting-edge journey the likes of which they’d never seen. And in doing that, created a pretty moving piece of art.

That said, I wouldn’t say I am scrambling for three more installments. I’d say my desire is much closer to “zero” more installments. However, this isn’t about me. It never is. This is about James Cameron’s weird mind and sense of purpose, which is now telling him that he is only 25% done telling the story of Avatar. This is the same type of voice that told the Wachowski brothers that they were only 33% done with The Matrix story after finishing the first one. Needless to say, this voice is both terrible and dangerous.

The fourth installment of the CGI-ish epic will follow the early expeditions to Pandora and [WHITE NOISE].

In other news, that Arrested Development reunion really seems to be coming together nicely, doesn’t it?

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