‘Hangover II’ Scribe Picked For ‘Hangover III’

Tuesday, May 31 by

It seems that a Hollywood studio has opted to “stick with what works,” even if  “what works” was widely regarded as uninspired and not all that funny. With that in mind, get excited for The Hangover: Part III from the same guy that wrote The Hangover: Part II.

Using the wonders of the “find and replace” function, scribe Craig Mazin could easily turn the monkey into a feral koala bear, Bangkok into Tampa or Baghdad, and that Asian dude into that very same Asian dude. What a time to be alive.

It’s no surprise that this is the route Fox is taking, considering the huge weekend the sequel has had, but don’t expect anyone except their execs and the scribe himself to be very excited about this decision. It’s a copy of a copy of an original. Yay?

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