WB Bestows Dobkin With Lots Of Coin For ‘Arthur And Lancelot’

Friday, June 17 by

Warner Bros has paid $2 million for the Arthur and Lancelot spec script from David Dobkin in a deal that will also see him directing the story of the chivalric heroes, set in modern times.

This $90 million project will serve as something of a departure for Dobkin, who has trafficked in mid-budget comedies such as Wedding Crashers, Fred Claus, and several other films that have no connection at all to Vince Vaughn. His most recent project, The Change-Up, bows in a few weeks.

Warner Bros beat out Universal and Fox for the rights to the script and Dobkin’s talents, which would indicate some buzz around the project. Whether or not this will be a straight actioner or something more akin to Dobkin’s Shanghai Knights is not yet known. They’d have to work in a reason for roundhouse kicks. (Deadline)

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