Tobe Hooper, the auteur behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist, is back in the director's chair for the first time in six years with the Arabic horror film Djinn. The guy who names the movies must have called in sick.

Djinn focuses on "a young Emirati couple who return home from the U.S. and discover that their new apartment in a luxury high-rise built on the site of an abandoned fishing village is also home to malevolent beings known as Djinn."

Huh. Hard to feign excitement over this one.

Even if the movie is as "blech" as it sounds, Hooper can sleep eas knowing that he has stockpiled some karma in allowing female director Nayla Al Khaja to shadow him in preparation for her subsequent directorial debut. That's as awesome as Poltergeist, right? (Playlist)