TMZ Chuckles Heartily At New ‘Spider-Man’ Stunt Video

Tuesday, January 18 by

Thought the only sneak peak at the new Spider-Man reboot you’d get today was the blurry, on-set photo from far away we posted earlier? Think again, web-heads! Today you’re also get a blurry, on-set video from far away, courtesy of TMZ. Go here to watch their exclusive video of Spider-Man doing a stunt with a truck.

So the TMZ dudes recording the video with their Flip thought Spider-Man’s flip was hilarious. Yeah, I bet they’re laughing cause they can do that stunt a whole lot better. Maybe add a few extra spins, a mid-way twirl and with the real-life working webshooters they built themselves, they can leap right from the truck to the 10th floor of the Macy’s building. Or maybe they now have $250 from selling this video to TMZ and can finally afford a down payment on a Playstation 3.

Or maybe they’re working for Spidey-hating newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson, who will not be appearing in the film. No Jonah? Now it feels like the joke’s really on us. (Cinema Blend)

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