America's all-time favorite person, Tina Fey, is in discussions to star in the Paul Weitz film Admission, website The Wrap reports. Despite being early on in development (the project has yet to be greenlit), Weitz, who is producing the film as well under his Depth of Field banner, has had Fey in mind since becoming involved.

In Admission, Fey would play an Princeton admissions officer who falls in love with a prospective student that may not end up being Princeton material. Fey seems a natural fit for this role. Based on the limited information available, it sounds like this character could be in the same wheelhouse as Fey's Liz Lemon from"30 Rock." Let's face it, this role will probably just call for Fey to play a caricature of herself, which has worked out just fine for her in films like Date Night and Baby Mama. However, with Weitz's fingerprints on this, don't be surprised if the picture ventures away from the trite, as he has done in earlier work such as About a Boy and In Good Company.

This does leave the question of who will play the student in this arrangement. Considering Fey can squeeze comic blood from a stone, the field is wide open. Let's have the cast of Twilight participate in a deathmatch for the part.