Tina Fey, who knocked it out of the park with her Golden Globes-hosting alongside Amy Poehler, has responded to general inquiries as to whether she would host the Oscars.

"No way."

It's so funny. Seth MacFarlane said the same thing when people asked him if he would come back next year.

In the Huffington Post, Fey offered her take on the "opportunity": "But I just feel like that gig is so hard. Especially for, like, a woman -- the amount of months that would be spent trying on dresses alone ... no way."

So there you have it. Tina Fey, who seems to be among the most gracious and game people in Hollywood thinks the hosting gig is for the birds. It's only a matter of time before Neil Patrick Harris gets the call, lest Billy Crystal be thawed out, blasted with pancake makeup, and amble lifelessly towards the stage to make fun of Jack Nicholson in Heartburn or something.