With Wanted and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter under his belt already, it's refreshing to learn that Timur Bekmambetov hasn't moved away from his love of doing ridiculous shit. Up next for Bekmambetov, he's hoping to produce the horror film Squirrels which is pretty much exactly what you'd expect, flesh-eating squirrels eating everyone and everything in their path after their food supply is wiped out by a greedy gas company. Could happen.

Here's the sales trailer and poster. Let's do this people.

Years ago, my friend James pitched this film to me with the preface, "Don't steal it, okay?" I agreed not to and then was treated to an amazing pitch about killer squirrels. It was far and above better than anything we see here and everything you'd want from a movie about flesh-eating squirrels. Here's hoping they'll bring him on for the sequel.