It looks like TimeCrimes will get an English-language redux, three years after the Spanish film grabbed a cult following at Sundance. It now appears that Dreamworks will revive a script written under the supervision of Stephen Zaillian, who had been on as producer during an earlier iteration of the English-language version. But the backstory doesn't stop there, folks.

The befallen United Artists had originally commissioned the remake, but after going by the wayside, Dreamworks has stepped in with many of the old pieces intact, namely, Zaillian and the script. In fact, Zaillian will be handling the rewrite. Cue the end of the boring part of this story.

The story of TimeCrime is essentially: A man finds a girl in the woods. He follows her to a place where he gets zapped back in time one hour. A bunch of stuff then happens, but none of it is suitable to tell, because it's all part of the surprise, or at least so says the internet, which I always believe. While the concept sounds gimmicky, Spanish cinema has proven to be quite adept at spinning convoluted stories into something great, so let's go ahead and get cautiously optimistic. With an emphasis on "cautiously," as no one is attached and no timeline for development is given. At the very least, they're working with a title that's pretty fun to say. (/Film)