I'm not saying I won't pay $13 to see a blue rodent run in loops and fly through the air collecting rings – I will. I'm saying that it's an odd time to be bringing back the Sega video game character, some 24 or so years after his introduction. It's not like Sonic the Hedgehog is like a fine wine, sitting on the shelf until the perfect time to open it.

But someone thought it was, and someone thought that time was now.

Sony feels that the only way to do this PROPERLY is to take a live action/CGI hybrid approach. I hope to the heavens that means that Sonic will be played by a real person in a CGI world. My shortlist for actors who can portray Sonic:

  • Tilda Swinton

  • An actual hedgehog

  • DJ Qualls

  • Andy Serkis (no CGI)

  • Gene Hackman