Actor Tim Roth has done a lot of acting in his life, and now he wants to do something else: Curing cancer. Just kidding, he's directing a movie (his second after The War Zone). It's called Turning Stones, based on the memoir by Mark Parent. Here's what it's about, and at the risk of spoiling the rest of the article, try to imagine Sam Rockwell as Parent:
"Parent moved to New York in his twenties to work as an actor, but found himself working as a social worker for the Emergency Children’s Services, a job which involved him protecting victims of child abuse—to the point where he’d be forced to arrest parents or separate children from their families."

Sounds like a pretty interesting story, and Roth has been open in the past about his history with child abuse. As if that weren't enough, he wants Sam Rockwell (Conviction) to play the lead. No information yet on whether he'll be up for it, but he did Charlie's Angels, so why not? (The Hollywood Reporter)