That's Tim Robbins, Stephen Sommers, and Dean Koontz in case that wasn't clear. Sommers has signed on to direct an adaptation of Koontz's Odd Thomas, which revolves around a young boy who is reached by a recently killed girl, to eventually track down her murderer. Tim Robbins will not be playing the young boy (though he could do it; he's got the range), but is apparently interested in an undisclosed role. Anton Yelchin will be playing the titular character.

The shortlist for the female lead, Stormy Llewelyn, now consists of only Lily Collins, who beat out Emma Roberts, Kat Dennings, Portia Doubleday, and Addison Timlin for the role. Suddenly the Tim Robbins news seems a little less interesting.

Since not much else is known about Robbins involvement, let's just say that he'll be playing the role of a very, very intense priest. (Dread Central)