All the terrible pieces are coming together. Will Smith's long-stalled remake of Uptown Saturday Night looks to be gearing up to be so, so meh. Just Go With It writer Tim Dowling has been hired to update the script for Fred Claus director David Dobkin.

Though the plot of the remake will likely be updated as to not include ridiculous hats, the original follows Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier as two estranged friends who go on a quest to find a lost winning lottery ticket.

The project has been in the works with Overbrook Entertainment since 2002 with the belief that it will eventually star Will Smith and Denzel Washington. Given this casting, might I suggest that instead of a lost lottery ticket the duo needs to stop a runaway nuclear train before it prevents Kevin James from finding the love of his life? I can't?? Oh, okay then. (Variety)