Tim Burton Whips Out Full Length ‘Frankieweenie’

Monday, March 22 by

With Alice in Wonderland holding strong at the box office, Tim Burton is back on top and lining up his next projects. Last week, it was speculated that he would helm an adaptation of The Addams Family in stop-motion 3D but that rumor proved to be false. Instead, Burton will direct the stop-motion 3D Frankenweenie. And no, it’s not a movie about Chastity Bono’s transformation into Chaz. It’s actually a full-length adaptation of one of his early short films about a man who resurrects his dog after it is hit by a car.

Executive producer Don Hahn told SXSW, "that the puppets are ready, the script is done and now that Tim Burton is clear of ‘Alice in Wonderland‘… he’s set to helm ‘Frankenweenie‘ in 3D."

This project feels a lot more likely to happen and won’t get bonered like Addams. After all, this is Burton’s original creation. He’s erecting it from his vision and he’s been playing with it for years. It’s his Weenie and you can be ensured that he won’t pull out. Why’s everyone looking at me like that? (AICN)


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  1. March 22, 2010 5:00 am

    Alan Muller

    Now that Burton’s making a stop motion remake of his classic 1984 live action short film ‘Frankeweenie’, it will be interested to have Johnny Depp to work on the picture and let’s face it, Depp could make a nap interesting to watch as the voice of Sparky if the picture was a great success or not, If it’s going to release sometime in Christmas 2011, I just wish the original uncut uncensored version of ‘Frankenweenie’ could have got newly restored and remastered in ahead of the remake’s release would have been great to relived the memories of a old cute Tim Burton classic again. I hope the stop motion version of Frankenweenie will be better than the later Disneys that were the worst and awful today because of 3D stuff that kills me.

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