If you say "Tim Burton" three times in the mirror, the legend says that he will appear, remake a beloved property, and Johnny Depp will receive a new hat.

Someone must have been running their mouth, because Mr. Burton has surfaced, reportedly to give us a sequel to Beetlejuice. Of course, there was a sequel planned almost immediately after the original, but life has a way of shanghaiing your plans, and Burton went on to do about ten films of dwindling quality since then.

But Michael Keaton and Geena Davis have both expressed an interest in returning, and most any girl can be made to look like Winona Ryder with the right haircut, so this thing could stay pretty true to form. No plot details are available right now, so let's make some up: Beetlejuice goes to see Dark Shadows, is refused a refund after the film ends, then goes home and sobs for 86 minutes.