In news that's sure to make Johnny Depp and his hats very, very sad, Tim Burton has announced a new film, and drafted several actors that don't appear to be Johnny Depp. While one of the actors has long hair like Depp, and another is a man like Depp, it's virtually certain that neither Amy Adams nor Christoph Waltz is Johnny Depp, which begs the questions, "Who the fuck does Tim Burton think he is? This is how he treats people he calls his friend?"

Big Eyes is the story of famed (I guess) painter Margaret Keane and her husband, Walter Keane and the couple's rise to fame in the 50's and 60's. If you're uncertain why Burton would take on such a project that isn't cartoon-y or CGI...

Hold your goddamn horses and take a gander at Keane's work. Right here.

Makes sense now, doesn't it?