[post-album postid="212009" item="5"]Tim Burton enjoyed a career revitalization when his 3D Alice In Wonderland inexplicably dominate the box office. But that doesn't mean that he'll jam 3D down our throats when he releases Dark Shadows. Which means we won't have to pay top dollar to watch pale maidens run graveyards to escape a vampire Johnny Depp (though we totally would).

In regards to a 3D Dark Shadows, Burton says, "I have no plans for that. I loved doing Alice in 3D. Frankeweenie, gonna do that in 3D. There’s people like, 'Everything’s gonna be in 3D,' or "I hate 3D!' I think people should have a choice. I don’t think it should be forced on anybody."

I totally agree. Though that viewpoint most likely fell deaf on the ears of  the Shark Night 3D producers.