Now that Tim and Eric have ended their Adult Swim show "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job," we're all wondering where we're going to get our confusing anti-comedy. It's not like we can just go outside and watch homeless people wiggle and scream things at buildings and pigeons. Not in THIS weather. There may be good news on the horizon. In movie form!!

There's a rumor out there that the duo are going to begin work on Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie. Additionally, it's rumored they will bring John C. Reilly (who just turned in a hilarious performance in Cedar Rapids), Zach Galifianakis, Bob Odenkirk, Harrison Ford, and Will Forte along for the ride. A Will Ferrell appearance shouldn't be ruled out either as he and Adam McKay will serve as producers on the proposed film.

Not sure if the film would follow a straight narrative form or be broken up into small, loud bits but I'm up for seeing either. And I'll be sure to wear my Poop Tube so I don't miss a frame. (via /Film)