While they haven't found the right knuckleheads for their Three Stooges film, the Farrell Brothers have mentioned a few of the folks who have been approached. Some are really interesting choices while the others are doo-doo.

Looks like they've moved away from trying to win an Oscar and have focused exclusively on comedic actors. While making the rounds for Hall Pass, the Farrellys have revealed the current state of casting. In competition for the role of Moe are Hank Azaria and Johnny Knoxville, Will Sasso leads the charge for Curly, and Larry has been offered to Larry David, Woody Harrelson, and Justin Timberlake.

Hmmm... really interesting choices in there. If it were up to me, I'd say Azaria, Sasso, and Harrelson are all perfect. As much as I'd like to see Justin Timberlake poked in the eyes, he's just not the right fit. (via The Playlist)