Someone didn't learn the lesson of diminishing marginal returns from the Wachowski Brothers and their ill-fated Matrix sequels.

And that someone is James Cameron.

Sigourney Weaver, who has worked with Cameron on Aliens, has said that she's signing on to appear in all three of them, but she has no idea what the story is. In her own words, "I just show up."

What a professional.

Cameron has hinted at "non-linear storytelling" and time travel in the sequels, which doesn't make me cringe as much as I thought it would, because as ridiculous as JC is, he's always proven capable of telling a story in a thoughtful, clear fashion, even if those stories are sometimes silly as all get-out.

It's no surprise that these things are filming all at once, given that they're such an undertaking, but the sheer number of Avatar films on the horizon sorta makes my stomach turn.

Here's to hoping maybe one of them is a Dan Harmon-helmed claymation version with the cast of Community.

Oh. Wait. Shit.