The website got their nerdy hands on a leaked copy of the Thor script, which they printed out, placed into a polyvinyl bag, stored into a longbox and will forget about until the next time they have to move.

They also posted a bunch of spoilers, but a "Marvel detective" (Nick Fury?) quickly Spider-Swooped onto the scene. The detective called the site operator within the hour and said, "take those spoilers down or feel the wrath of many lawsuits, by Odin's beard!" CBM quickly complied, but now it's too late...

Here are the mini-spoilers. Don't read past this picture of "She-Thor" by Tarzman unless you want to know little details about Thor before you spend $57 on IMAX 3D tickets... (TheWrap)


- Hawkeye cameo.

- Ant-Man is mentioned.

- Dr. Bruce Banner is mentioned.
"The script itself is pretty epic," the "The writer captured the essence of every character perfectly. The arrogance on Thor, the trickery of Loki, the vanity of Fandral, the lovable and ever so hungry nature of Volstagg, the broodiness of Hogun, the courage of Sif, and the godliness of Odin. The script was definitely written by someone who is a fan of these characters and knows them well. There is no way anyone will be disappointed by the characterizations of these characters"