First the bad news: The guy that was responsible for Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Steve Carr, is set to direct another film.

Now, the really, really good news: That film is called The Boondoggle and will star renowned shouter/actor Rob Riggle and "The State" and "Reno 911!" alum Thomas Lennon.

Frankly, I don't think the hand of God could have improved Paul Blart, so let's just chalk that up to "the guy needed to eat" and move on. Also encouraging is the fact that Riggle and Lennon punched up the script. I would be ecstatic about this had Lennon not also had a hand in Herbie: Fully Loaded. As it is, I have downgraded my outlook to "really excited."

Life is full of gray areas and few absolutes it would seem.

The Boondoggle focuses on two men who go on a business trip in regards to a project that they know will not ultimately work out. I know that sounds hopelessly vague, but I work with what I have. It's nice to see Lennon get a starring role after so many great supporting efforts. Riggle, on the other hand, will have to tone down his "I'm shouting and it's funny!" schtick to last 90 minutes on-screen. Unless he spends most of the time shouting at little kids. That could work. (Deadline)