This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: The Godfather Gets Even Better

Tuesday, September 23 by

The Godfather: The Coppola Restorations

The Godfather DVD Coppola Restoration
If you’re one of those weirdos out there who has still never seen The Godfather movies, then this collection should be issued to you by the government. Coppola went back and cleaned up the prints of the movie so it looks and sounds way better than it ever has on your home theater. The difference really is incredible. It looks so good it almost makes Godfather III worth watching again. Almost.


Leatherheads George Clooney
I’m starting to think that George Clooney only knows how to do old guy humor that’s aimed primarily at men who wear bath robes and smoke from pipes. But, there are still enough laughs in Leatherheads to warrant a slot in the middle of your Netflix list. Plus, it has John Krasinski, so you can yell, "Hey, that’s Jim from The Office!" every time he comes on screen like you do whenever you see anyone from The Office in anything.

Run, Fatboy, Run

It sometimes dances on the border of chick flick town, but this comedy starring Simon Pegg is a great date movie, mainly because it won’t make you want to claw your eyes out and shove them into the DVD case. Plus, putting it on when a girl comes over will make her think that you’re smart and considerate while hiding the fact that you can’t afford enough gas to take her out to the local Sizzler.

Rob and Big: The Complete Third Season

Rob and Big Season 3 DVD
There’s nothing like living vicariously through a very rich punk-ass and his huge, black bodyguard as they do ridiculous stuff while we’re grinding away at work. By now, we’ve seen so much of these guys that they honestly kind of feel like our buddes. I’m not sure whether that’s sad or pathetic, but it’s definitely one of the two. The show is still good for a couple of laughs, though, especially when they get a hold of the net gun.


Pathology DVD
It’s kind of a sleeper entry onto the list, but it pairs Milo Ventimiglia from Heroes with Alyssa Milano who lives in my dreams. It’s the story of people who figure out how to have a good time in the morgue. It’s as gory as any sicko could possibly want it to be, which makes it less of a great date movie than Run Fatboy, Run, but still worth checking out.

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