This Week’s DVDs That Don’t Suck: Chuck, Duck, Cruise!

Tuesday, September 16 by

I have a hard enough time getting anything done thanks to the enormous amount of entertainment that’s constantly available. Now, thanks to every TV show ever coming to DVD, it’s getting even harder to squeeze work between episodes. But, there isn’t a ton of great stuff out this week, so don’t go canceling those plans just yet. Here’s the best of the pack.

chuck: The Complete First Season

Part of NBC’s stable of nerd-friendly prime time TV, Chuck‘s first season was a surprising hit. The story involves an employee at a big box electronics store who accidentally steals some government information. A hot girl shows up and then some spy shit happens. It’s good fun. The extras are pretty extensive, including gag reels, deleted scenes and some down right nerdery that should be like gold to serious fans.

Duckman: Seasons One and Two

Every couple of years, someone will remind me of this show and I’ll flash back to late summer nigths during high school when I would watch a crude duck, voiced by Jason Alexander, run around doing a lot of really gross stuff with his partner, who happens to be a pig. I’m not sure it has the same appeal to me now, but back then this show was amazing and the first two seasons are worth checking out for sentimental reasons alone.

Risky Business: 25th Anniversary Edition

When this movie came out, I was only 1-year old, so I never got the chance to experience like a lot of other people did. The 25th Anniversary Edition of the DVD is a pretty good way to catch up, though. The screen tests and the commentary by Tom Cruise are both definitely worth watching, if only because they take you back to a time when Tom Cruise believed he was born here on earth.

88 Minutes

Yeah, the movie isn’t great, but it’s not that long and I feel like I should at least include one non-special-edition retro release every week. So, it was either this or Made of Honor starring Patrick Dempsey. Yeah, see. I did you a favor.

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