You know how sometimes an innovation comes along, and shortly thereafter, you cant even remember what your life was like without it? The online Perfect Strangers video game is nothing like that, but it's a fantastic, surreally bizarre way to spend 3-7 minutes.

The purpose of the game doesn't matter. It's a Perfect Strangers video game. As Balki, you cruise down a course (that looks suspiciously similar to Rainbow Road in the Mario Kart games), getting stars and running past hilarious Perfect Strangers imagery, all soundtracked by the Perfect Strangers theme song, "Nothing's Gonna Stop me Now."

No, you're not dreaming. This is reality folks. We've made it.

The whole game (hit the first link to play) is much more enjoyable if you assume it just simply appeared as a gift from God, but if you must know, it was created by Jason Oda, who has a pretty cool web page of his own.

Now if you're still reading this, that means you're not playing the game, which is ridiculous. Play the game, already.