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I’m as sick of the vampire craze as you (meaning to say I’m sick of Twilight and True Blood), but the new film from the badass Chan-wook Park, Thirst, intrigues the crap out of me.  The film centers around a failed experiment that turns a devoted priest into a vampire, who has to battle to retain his humanity.  Further confusing his situation is the beautiful Ok-vin Kim, who plays a woman in dire need of the priest’s help.  So now the priest has vampire problems and a beautiful woman challenging his whole celibacy deal.  Outside of the flick, Kim is a young actress and model with a small list of credits so far.  She also happens to know kung fu, which is always pretty awesome.

A word from Ok-vin Kim: I am not attracted to easy and simple roles… I only feel alive when I am challenged with difficult roles that push me to improve my acting skills”

Well, we’re attracted to the fact that you aren’t attracted to easy and simple roles.  Check out more hot photos of Ok-vin Kim after the jump!

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