Good God, Johnny Depp, what is wrong with you? Looks like Mama took a bottle of her happy pills and put on some makeup for her rendez-vous with Death. Aces, Tim Burton! You've officially put your stamp on one of the most beloved stories of all time and turned it into a Disney film that's sure to have kids pissing all over their Mickey Mouse bedsheets.

Below is the brand spankin' new trailer for Alice in Wonderland. It offers a bunch of footage we haven't seen before, as well as additional trippy and tripping characters coming out of the meth-soaked woodwork. It will be attached to Avatar this weekend in glorious 3D. Do a stoner check before you take your seat in the theater. The last thing you want is your neighbor tweaking when The Mad Hatter's eyes peer into his soul.

Alice in Wonderland Trailer 3 - Watch more Funny Videos