They’re Remaking ‘To Catch A Thief’ With Gadgets

Wednesday, April 6 by

Master of Suspense Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 romantic thriller is the sparkling epitome of 50s Hollywood class, starring two of the greatest movie stars of all time, Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, who cavort about effortlessly through the French Riviera. Oh, and there’s some stuff about a cat burglar too. But you know what it doesn’t have enough of, by modern standards? No, not empowered transgendered characters – gadgets.

So it only makes sense that Josh Stolberg, the screenwriter behind Piranha 3D and the Dane Cook masterpiece Good Luck Chuck, is being brought on by Paramount to write the script, and to make it more “gadgety.” Yes, he actually used that word:

“I wrote … a remake of ‘To Catch a Thief’ for Paramount. Neal Moritz is producing, and it’s exciting because it’s one of my favourite Hitchcock movies and it was fun to come at it from a different angle – make it a little bit more modern and ‘gadgety.’”

No word yet on who’s going to inevitably fail to fill the shoes of Grant and Kelly, but it will probably be people who are both not old enough and not talented enough. But they will have plenty of gadgets. (via The Latino Review)

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