They’re Rebooting The ‘Ernest’ Movies…I Know, Right? Crazy!

Tuesday, October 16 by
With news of this reboot, Earnest would be in tall cotton! If he wasn't long dead.  

Ernest is dead. Long live Ernest!

Jim Varney, the man who played the weird, incompetent, but good-intentioned handyman who saved camps, Christmases, Halloween, and jails is dead. But his spirit lives on among direct-to-DVD movie producers who think this could be a good way to make ten grand or so. The movie will be called Son of Earnest, which means that Earnest fucked somebody at least once, which is a notion that will haunt our very existences until we die one day.

While the title Son of Earnest leads us to believe that no one has any idea what this film will be about, the same could be said in hindsight about the previous Earnest films, in which he just yelled at some unknown man named “Vern.”

My theory? Vern is Earnest P. Worrell’s Tyler Durden, a destructive, savage id that just wants to watch the world burn so that mankind can start over.

Or he’s the guy with the camera.

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