There Will Probably Be A(nother) ‘Godfather’ Prequel Whether You Want One Or Not

Tuesday, May 15 by
Still Corleone-y after all these years.  

You know how, 20 years after The Godfather Part III, everyone’s been all, “I wish they go back to that well to give us some more Corleone family stories?”

Shut up. People DID say that. Lots of them.

And Paramount is going to give the people what they want. After the release of the Puzo-outlined The Family Corleone this week, it seems that Paramount and Puzo’s estate have reached a truce that has resulted in “an attraction to do a movie.” The novel focuses on the Corleone’s rise to power, but presumably not in the exact same way that Godfather Part II did.

Considering the original cast of 40 years ago is mostly dead or dying or Al Pacino, it’s unlikely that any amount of makeup could get these guys looking right for a prequel, so let’s all freak out by assuming it will be populated with Chace Crawford, Alex Pettyfer, and Mischa Barton.


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