An Iranian director has announced through an Iranian news agency that he's planning on putting together a film that addresses Mr. Ben Affleck's contentions in the hit film Argo.

And then we will have two sides to the story.

Details are sketchy at this time, but the film is supposedly titled The General Staff and will begin filming early next year. It's not known exactly what claims will be disputed, but, considering it's a "response," there will probably be more than a few different takes on the facts stipulated in the American film.

Argo was a source of embarassment for Iran, so it's probably a safe bet that there's a state-sponsored agenda here, good, bad, or otherwise, so it will be interesting to see how the facts are addressed.

And of course, Ben Affleck probably won't be reprising his role in the film, but considering that the film took place in Iran in the 1970's, that probably doesn't mean there will be any fewer beards in the production.