‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ Sets Record For Use Of The Ole’ F-Word

Friday, January 3 by
Put your hands down, you big showboat.  

Marty Scorsese has never been one to shy away from some pretty harsh language. Joe Pesci in Casino was essentially a Pez machine, only instead of chalky little candies, he dispensed “Go fuck yourself”s. It’s a winning formula, so it should be of little surprise that Marty stepped up his profanity game with The Wolf of Wall Street.

According to Variety, who has no reason to lie to us, the film drops 506 f-bombs. That’s a record. The old one was held by Summer of Sam with 435. The takeaway? People from New York City like to swear a lot.

For those keeping track, Goodfellas had 300 uses, and Casino had 422.

Wolf of Wall Street‘s record is expected to stand until I film myself putting together some Ikea furniture on Saturday afternoon.

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